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Who is Jud Bleser

I was employed as a sales engineer with a firm offering sales, engineering, and support service for low-voltage commercial equipment such as fire detection and suppression equipment, access/control and security systems, closed-circuit television systems, intercom and public addrss systems.

I am now retired and enjoying the good life in west central Florida.


I have not, and probably never will, win a Pulitzer Prize, Oscar or Key to any city.  However, I am proud of a few accomplishments over the years.

First, and foremost, my greatest achievement has been our children.  If you are a parent, you know how difficult this can be these days.  My son has obtained a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Oswego State College and is a "chip off the old block".  My daughter holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Oneonta State College and is currently teaching locally.
I am also very proud to have served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era.
In my early computing years, I wrote a game called Power Poker which was published in Compute!'s Gazette magazine in 1985.  It has since been republished many times, including in COMPUTE!'s Third Book of Commodore 64 Games during 1987.

During my young and reckless years, I raced Arctic Cat snowmobiles.  My best year was 1975, when I finished 3rd in the Pro-Am Division National Points. We won our share of races, including the AASC World Series of Snowmobiling in Boonville, NY.

The sled to the right is a 340cc El Tigre "Z", which I raced in Super Stock and Modified classes.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
1975 World Series of Snowmobiling - Boonville, NY

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Geoff Bodine and me
Loudon, NH - Oct. 98

Geoff Bodine and me
Loudon, NH - Oct. 99

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