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   A Matter Of Opinion   

  opinion  [o-'pin-yan] noun

  A view or judgment formed in the mind about a particular matter or person.
  • Bent:  Seen Mom?
  • Boots:  10-4 good buddy!
  • Cajun:  See my "Ways to say someone is stupid" page...
  • EddieM:  Bring it on dude!
  • Go_Jeff:  Stop waving that damn flag
  • Go-RW2:  Thanks a ton! (you know why)
  • GRNIZ:  How's the puppy?
  • GW:  We will, we will, rock you....
  • Hearts:  R does not mean "race"...
  • HuskerGal:  My kingdom for a diamond!
  • Interstate:  So what part of Kansas do you live in?
  • Lauren:  Get off the damn phone!
  • Linda:  The love of my life
  • Lynx:  /mode # +o lynx
  • Michael:  Slow down...
  • MrsQ:  8 ball, corner pocket...
  • Nomad:  Put it in the "remote/events" section!!
  • Passem3:  Does the word icon mean anything?
  • Peer:  Who are you? ...and why do you keep resetting my mIRC program?
  • Popeye:  So what else do you know?
  • Q-ball:  Check your web page lately?
  • Repete:  A very sound man... (read the book!)
  • Richie:  Your village called... their idiot is missing!
  • Riter:  Care for a cup of coffee?
  • Rufus:  My Northern buddy...
  • Rusty_Nut:  Chips ahoy!
  • Txracer:  Still plays in the dirt
  • Tyrod:  Congratulations on your feature win at Fonda Speedway
  • WldTxRose:  O~O
  • |-Z2T2-|:  Still can't flood me off, can you!!
  • America-On-Line:  Damn sick of your sponsor windows...
  • ADT:  You can't be making money
  • Bogen:  We're up to 32 links now...
  • Joe Einzig:  Look up "retirement" in the dictionary
  • John Elway:  Congratulations champ!
  • Eveready Bunny Rabbit:  Enough already!
  • Executone:  The "Livesaver" isn't
  • Bill Gates:  OK, Windows ain't so bad after all
  • GeoCities:  See America-On-Line
  • NFL:  Thanks for not screwing up the National Anthem during the Super Bowl
  • Santa Clause:  I've been good.... really!
  • Simplex:  Simple X
  • Waldorf blonde:  Call me, we'll do lunch