Not Her Story

notebookThis is my favorite time of year. The department store aisles are overflowing with bright, shiny new school supplies! I can’t resist all the colorful notebooks, pens and highlighters. This obsession with paper and notebooks began when I was very young. My mother worked for Eastern Tablet in New York and she’d come home with pads of lined paper hot off the printing presses. I’d bury my nose between the pages and breathe in the scent of fresh ink. I don’t even want to think of how many brain cells may have died in the process.

My obsession continues to this day. When my husband sees me contemplating a pretty new notebook, he usually says “Do you really need another notebook?” To which I reply, “Pish-Posh. It has nothing to do with need.” Okay, I really don’t say Pish-Posh, but I think it in my head.

So I’m in the store the other day and this notebook caught my eye. A shiver of delight ran through me. The manuscript I’m working on right now is titled Not Her Story. The cover of the notebook says This is My Story. Yes! Serendipity. Or is it Synchronicity? I always get the two mixed up. Do I need a new notebook? Nope. Do I want it? Yes, oh yes! Did I buy it? You betcha! And that’s my story.

3 thoughts on “Not Her Story

  1. Linda I also love the pad and pens and paper, I thought it meant that I wanted to be a teacher in another life, I think I need to tell my story, not sure would it be a comedy or a sad mystery? Maybe I should stick to journaling.

  2. Nothing better than an inspirational cover with fresh paper, waiting for to be filled up with ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. Calls and invites creativity. I can see why creative Ones like yourself would want to be surrounded by the beauty of these tools of the trade.

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